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Origin - Brand & Concept
AQUA BLU" is the only one original brand of handbags in Hawaii,

Based on a concept of " Hawaiian Living",AQUA BLU is a newly extended brand from Lanai TRANSIT,a high-end purses brand born in Hawaii.

The AQUABLU bag was created by Hawaii local owners who had been in the Luxuay brand business for more than 20 years, He designed bags for his daugther, Elise, who wanted every-day bags that were easy to use and suited hera Hawaii Aloha Lifestyle.

The bags have become popular with jet-setters, especially among the Hawaii local people and LA mainland.

Then from New York to Paris, Using the same quality materials and craftsmanship as the Lanai bags, each AQUABLU bag is designed to be practical, fashionable,light and functional and is a perfect travel companion.
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AQUA BLU it's the ICON of Hawaii living - jetsetters